Worksheet on Swift's "A Modest Proposal"

1. At the outset, Swift states the goal of his proposal. What is it?


2. What age children does he target? Why?


3. How will his plan affect the abortion problem?


4. He gives mathematical estimates for his plan. How many children does he plan to provide for ultimately?


5. How much is a child under 12 worth, as he computes it?


6. In the fifth paragraph of page 29 he finally explains his plan. What is it?


7. How much profit will each mother earn?


8. What suggestion for children 12-14 does he discuss? What does he say about it?


9. At the very bottom of p. 31, he begins asystematical list of advantages of his plan. What is #1?


10. What is #2?


11. What is #3?


12. What is #4?


13. What is #5?


14. What is #6?


15. Summarize his final paragraph.